Who doesn’t love buttons? Spill them, count them, stick them, thread them, make them into piles and knock them over!
Play tiddlywinks, jacks, collect them, hide them and swap them!
More french than a croissant wearing a beret, Compagnie Animotion have brought their shiny buttons across the channel just to share them with you in ‘The War of The Buttons’.
You are invited to share George’s birthday celebrations and watch how George and Bessie plunge into their childhood to show you their feuds and how winning and losing buttons, and sharing and celebrating their differences brought them to fall in love.

With their special jigsaw-inspired set you will be transported to the hot vineyards of France, splash in autumn puddles with Bessie, eat birthday cake with George and most of all, laugh at their button inspired antics.
Before this energetic performance,  you are invited to enter into the world of Bessie and George and spend a fun-filled hour of games and play focusing on themes of the show : rain, sun, friendship and buttons! Teaching you BSL through game play, warm up your hands, and get ready to move as Bessie and George show you how to communicate with your hands, face and body!

You will learn over 40 words in BSL by having fun and then being rewarded by a big book BSL storytelling and signing session. 
Enjoy! And don’t forget to bring your buttons for George and Bessie! 
With the show, our two performers can offer a 50 minute workshop for 3-11 years.