A couple of quotes about this creation.

“A wonderful hour with which to indulge and enjoy theatre that truly promotes inclusion and breaks down barriers.” (The Public Reviews)

“To see the performance in such an intimate venue definitely added to the sense of the children being part of the show and my daughter loved the fact that when the show finished, George and Bessie stood at the doors, to thank their young theatre-going audience” (Dig review)

“ They have emotion and innovation…the piece can be compared to The Little Prince” (Kaleva, Finland, 22nd February 2011)

“As French as a croissant wearing a beret, Compagnie Animotion mix mime, movement and sign language in an inventive show that spellbinds kids and enchants the inner child in all of us…” (Harrogate Advertiser, March 7th 2013)

And a lovely, lengthier review here.