Guillaume lives in Paris and has worked with the company since 2015, where he replaced one of our artistic collaborators, Olive, in JoJo & Billie’s Tour de France.

His journey with the company has taken him on tours in the UK, and France.

He also works in Italy as a performer.

He learnt the role of George in The War of The Buttons in one day. He’s very funny.

Watch out for his “cat jumping through a ring of fire” mime. We love it.

Sam lives in Lyon and has been one of our main collaborators since his arrival to us in 2007.

His adventures with us have included a snake crawling onto the stage, fish and chips on Dorset beaches, many many van and car break-downs (and as a result, some nervous ones), having to cover on stage whilst a team member was noiselessly sick in the wings, making cakes in the early hours of the morning, and being woken up by a mouse on his sofa bed. Needless to say Sam’s experience in hard-core rural touring has led him to being wanted by other exciting companies and so we’ve had to replace him.